Vibrating mat for therapy table

I am looking to purchase either a vibrating mat that would fit on top of a standard therapy table or a motor that can be screwed to the underside of a table with a control switch to make a therapy table vibrate.

Do you sell something like this or could you steer me in the direction to purchase the above.


Dr. Neal Wieder


That is a good question Dr. Wieder! It took me a while to do some searching!! Basically, I couldn't find a therapy table that already vibrates, although there are mats you can put on top of it that would. I'm not sure you wanted that, though. Here's an example...

Memory Foam Massaging Mat (There are MANY more, I'm sure you have already found them! But, I think you were looking for something bigger, right?)

BUT, what I did find was a site that may be helpful... a chiropractic site that has motors you can attach to a table (so it appears to ME). I would try checking this site out...'s massage motors

If they don't have what you need, it may be a good inspiration and/or initial contact.

Great idea... perhaps YOU could invent one??! And, perhaps I best find something like this and get it up on my site!! I will get on that one. But, this is all I have to offer right now.

Does anyone else out there know of a resource for Dr. Wieder?? Please let him know via the comments box below. Thanks in advance!

Hope this helps. Let ME know if you do find one!

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Apr 16, 2009
Full body vibrating mat.
by: Shawnna

I use to assist patients in a mental hospital where this mat was part of their sensory stimulation. I've been looking for one for myself and just happened upon this site. Hope it is useful for you.

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