Victories Finally!

by Bambi Rhoden
(Vacaville, CA)

I love your ideas here! We have tried so many tricks of the trade to get our 10 year old boy to eat "new foods." For us, none were working, but we found these to work well for him.

The most successful idea was that we all sat down as a family and we had "taco night." We printed up some fun games that the family can play at the table together. He loved it! It was simple, short games, but it worked. He sat right along side of us and not only tried, but ate an entire Double Decker taco! We never mentioned it the whole time until we were done and we praised him abundantly.

Another thing that has helped is cooking with him. He sits with me and helps and involving him seems to peek his interest. This way we have quality time together and he is learning new foods and how to cook!

My daughter and I have been known to just casually go sit next to him and start snacking on a healthy snack. We don't say a word to him, we just talk to each other. We discuss how yummy these carrot with ranch are!

Finally, I like to chop veggies up in a food processor like you have shown above. What I like to do with that is put the veggie paste in foods he does like, such as in the sauce of the pizza or spaghetti.

Take care!

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