Vision problems due to SPD????

by Taryn
(Dodgeville, Wisconsin)

My son was born two months early weighing only in the 2 pounds range. He has had two eye surgeries for eyes sticking and having strabismus and other visual symptoms.

I just read some of the symptoms for SPD related to visual problems. We started our 9 year old son in Vision Therapy. This is not covered by insurance and cost over $600 a month. We quit because our son was not willing nor did he have the patience for homework with his eyes.

I just read some of the symptoms often associated with SPD and eyes. He sees double. Eyes tire easily during school. Can't do homework because eyes are too tired. I also won't do any homework the teachers send home because he has enough stress and spends 10 hours a day in school and riding the bus. He mixes up his letters and has a hard time reading. There are many more symptoms as well.

I'd like to know how common this is with your children and their experiences. Thank you!

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