Vitamin Supplements Recommended for Sensory Processing Disorders?

by Barb
(Fishers, IN)

My 3 year old son was recently diagnosed with SPD as the cause of his speech delays. We have been evaluated by an OT and a SPT and are waiting to get scheduled for his sessions. In the meantime, I have been researching vitamin supplements that help children on the autism spectrum to improve speaking and came across DMG by Kirkman Labs. I bought it and added a teaspoon to his diet along with his multi-vitamin and noticed a little improvement - he almost hummed and mumbled the entire alphabet song! But his results were not as noticeable as the stories I read about other children picking up new words daily or having more spontaneous speech.

About three weeks after starting, I noticed my son getting more frustrated when he was trying to communicate with us and we didn't understand what he wanted. He even started having more meltdowns and they seemed to last longer! So of course I discontinued using it but later read that it's best to start with a fourth of the dose over the first two weeks and gradually increase until you get to the desired dosage, something the directions of course never mentioned. I've also read that if DMG causes agitation to increase your child's colic acid intake. I saw that his multi-vitamin didn't have much folic acid so maybe the ratios were out of balanced.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had good experiences with using vitamin supplements to help their SPD child. I read that a good vitamin regimen can help your child's therapy be more effective so I was hoping to get him started on a regimen before we start his OT/SPT sessions. Any thoughts?

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