Waiting for a response

by Risa
(EG, CA )

I am working with my son on acknowledging he hears me with at least an "OK Mo-om" (teenage tone from older sisters, thank you very much). He did time out while his friend waited patiently. Once done, I asked the routine questions about what went wrong, what he can do next time, etc... answers came after the traditional three times asking each. Finally, he is freed. I hear him run out to his friend and say, "Adults just talk, talk, talk. I don't know why they think we are listening to them."

Nice to have a normal moment!

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Jan 14, 2011
How funny, ......
by: Anonymous

I love it!!! LOL
I've been told that by my kids!!!!
I have a good one too, LOL

My girlfriends kids aren't allowed to watch sponge bob.
So, they were going to come to our house one day, and I got my 6 yr. old sons clothes out for him and I put out his sponge bob underwear with his clothes.
Well, all of a sudden he starts yelling....
I asked him, why?
He said....
"They arent allowed to watch sponge bob" LOL
I cracked up, and gave him new underwear, LOL

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