Want to get tested for SPD and ADHD

I'm a 23 year old adult who is not diagnosed with SPD, but I feel as though I have something. That is why I want to get tested for SPD or ADHD.

I thought I had dyspraxia but was then diagnosed with dyslexia, and although that explains my poor memory, struggles with taking in information, concentration difficulties and other things, it doesn't explain to me why I get overwhelmed by things like music and other things that make me laugh (ie comedy) where I feel the urge to go up and down the stairs - which can sometimes be continuously and I make up reasons as to why I need to go somewhere!

I talk excessively to myself, which I've been caught doing a few times, it's like I'm explaining things to another person. I hate people eating noisily or hearing myself eating. I hate being stared at. I hate seeing stupid movements on the corner of my eyes. I fidget a lot, this is mainly in boring situations and is less apparent at work where I am moving a lot. I'm generally lethargic and am know to be quite laid back, and my room is a pig sti half of the time.

I tend to play with weird things such as a sensory ball that I bought for the children at work, played with that for ages, pens, wires, other things that I can't think of right now - I have a terrible memory! I hide when guests come over. I don't answer calls to unknown numbers. I can't ride a bike. I eat excessively and have been trying to lose weight for years! I rock back and forth, side to side, do random movements - mainly to music, walk on tip toes a lot. Thoughts generally flit about in my head and I'm daydreaming by the second! I love the sensation of relieving parcels to the extent where I'm allowed to buy things for work and be paid the money back because they know, I always ion them too, including original boxes of presents I have bought for people.

There's probably a lot more I can add to the list that aren't crossing my mind.

Feels like there is a lot going on, yet to others I seem like a laid back, calm or that I generally do nothing. Feels like I do a lot of unimportant things :(

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