Wanting Severe Abdominal Pressure As a Child

by Dusty
(Rhode Island)

I have already posted on your help page describing a young boy wanting everything in clothes, especially shoes & belts, as tight as possible. To protect my real name and identity I used a nickname: Wasp Waist Lover.

In my entries of late 2018, my constant yearning for tremendous pressure on my abdomen was described in great detail. While at no time wishing to hurt myself in any way, I could NEVER seem to get enough pressure exerted on my youthful belly.

Many were the ways explored to achieve such pressure; tight belts, heavy weights placed on my stomach, pushing into my abdomen using pieces of furniture and having very heavy older kids, usually females, standing on my stomach. Even having friends tie tight ropes around my youthful waist.

Why? Was this behavior caused by a sense of insecurity or by an unstable psychological environment at home?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, though all of this happened well over half a century ago. Thanks. WWL

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Jan 03, 2019
THAT'S my son!
by: MaryC

Good questions! Since my ADHD/ASD/SPD son was in preschool, maybe kindergarten, this describes him to a T - and still at age 13. He has to have his pants sooooo tight that they leave red marks around his waist. His favorite pants are athletic pants that tie around the waist - no buttons or slips - only tied athletic pants so they can be tight, tight. His socks and shoes also have to be tight, as well as his baseball cap. Drives us crazy!

Yet, he doesn't like people touching him. He loves hugs and kisses from us family when he's in the mood, but when he's frustrated or near a meltdown, DON'T touch him.

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