Was looking up SPD and saw myself. pg 3 SENSORY-BASED MOTOR SKILLS:

by Jerry A
(Dyersburg, Tn.)


1. "difficulty learning to ride a bike or other "moving" equipment." My son is 12 yo and has yet to learn how to ride a bike. He won a brand new bike by selling popcorn for cub scouts and refused to have anything to do with it.
2. "difficulty with fine motor tasks such as buttoning, zipping, tying, knitting, sewing, playing games with small parts, closing zip loc bags." He still can't button his pants. I have to dress him every morning.
3. "confuses right and left sides." first off, he is left handed so I don't know how much this has to do with living in a right handed world.
4. "prefers sedentary tasks, avoiding sports or physical activities." I can't get him to go outside and play basketball but he has no one to play with. All he wants to do is sit in from of the computer and play computer games.
5. "difficulty with handwriting; hard to read, takes a long time to write." he is 12 and you can't hardly read a word of his writing.
6. "frequently bumps into people and things." This was covered in the 2 previous topics.
7. "messy eater, difficulty with eating utensils, spills and drops food." He spills food every meal. When I pick up his fork or spoon to wash them, the handles are filthy gross covered in food.
8. "knocks drinks or other things over when reaching for them." He still doesn't understand that when reaching for an object, if their is an object in the way of what he is reaching for, that he needs to move that object out of the way first before reaching for the one he wants. I know because I am the one who has to clean up the mess he just made, "but dad, it was an accident!" Everything with him was just an accident.
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