We Aren't Crazy!

by Trish
(Los Angeles, CA)

This is spot on our child.


__ difficulty accepting changes in routine (to the point of tantrums)

__ gets easily frustrated

__ often impulsive

__ functions best in small group or individually

__ variable and quickly changing moods; prone to outbursts and tantrums

__ prefers to play on the outside, away from groups, or just be an observer

__ avoids eye contact

__ difficulty appropriately making needs known

On a daily basis he gets angry multiple times a day, but only at home and we a re often taken aback that something as slight as brushing by him without apologizing takes him from 0-10 in 3 seconds. The mindset is that world is against him; it makes me so sad because no matter how much I state my love he has a hard time acknowledging and believing it.

He sings to himself a lot and repeats what actors are saying on a show, a movie, even the weather lady. He's unusual in that way. He's very loving when he's relaxed and outwardly focused; a joy to be around when we have one on one time each week. He is a wonderfully behaved child at school (4th grade) with zero issues except academically he struggles.

Once we get home, homework takes 3-4 hours and includes frustrations and tears, his desire to break the mechanical pencil he's pressed too hard with one-too-many times and resists using a standard number 2 pencil, is one moment on the floor playing with the dog the next outside riding his scooter or just somewhere he shouldn't be.

He's highly affected by change and always needs to know what's on the agenda for the day, especially after I pick him up from school. If he's in conversation with me, he gets upset if his sister joins in the conversation as she 'wasn't invited in.' If I give any type of constructive feedback, it's misconstrued, 'So you're saying I'm dumb?' etc. Everyday is very challenging and has been for years. We had him checked by OT at 3 years old and they sent us home like we were crazy.

It feels good to know we aren't.

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Oct 19, 2016
You aren't crazy
by: Anonymous

I am not a doctor but I have a child with the same exact symptoms and I was also in so many words told I was crazy (our daughter was our first and last only because we can't have our own and it took so long to adopt).

If you aren't familiar with ASD/Autism look it up. Since the new diagnosis of the DSM5 came out they only diagnosis with general ASD/Autism, but what your child and my child experience is more high functioning on the spectrum...what they used to classify as Aspergers which is a type of Autism (children that are high functioning).

When it comes to your child, you have to advocate, go else where if you need to. We gave up a beautiful house to move in order to get my daughter services in a school district because our old district wanted to argue with CHOP's diagnosis. Really? Good luck.

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