We have both ends of the spectrum

by Katie G.
(Jackson, MI, USA)

My two children are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to sensory issues. My son, who's four, is oversensitive to touch and sounds. He's the kid who never gets messy because he won't go near anything that could get him dirty, like mud or paint. He hates to be washed, because the soap bubbles freak him out. His clothes are all tagless to put an end to the struggles from everything being scratchy. HE covers his ears whenever he anticipates loud noises, and would cry inconsolably whenever he heard an unfamiliar sound.

My 2-year-old daughter is the opposite. I could dress the girl in burlap and she would never notice. She's constantly filthy, and seeks out the muddy, sticky, and slimy. Luckily, she loves getting washed, especially covering herself with soap bubbles. Everything goes into her mouth. We have to watch her closely because anything like paper or foam will be in pieces if she gets near it. She cannot have Nerf balls because of this issue. She also tastes everything she gains possession of.

Not surprisingly, these traits are also found in my husband and I. My husband is extremely sensitive to touch, especially with clothing, and is painfully ticklish. I, on the other hand, love to touch everything, dig my hands in the dirt, feel every fabric at the fabric store. I was a filthy kid, and still have dirt under my nails :) I also crave back scratches hard enough to leave marks.

I am grateful for your site, its been very helpful in understanding what I just thought were quirks!

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Oct 23, 2008
almost the same story
by: Tracy

Hey I read your story and my daughter is both of your kids put together which sound bad but she also does more she bangs her head all the time and she bites her self to the point that she will bleed some time and I am trying to found out more information on that but I can only hope for the best.

I also run a small day care in my home and I notice that she plays better with kids that are 7 and older which that sounds strange to me. But we are doing therapy twice a week and she also has speech delays and that is hard some times too. but I do see a little change but not much but all I can do is stick to it. That's all that we can do as parent is help are children to cope with this.

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