Weather and climate changes  

by Tammy
(Tulsa, Ok.)

"Can Weather and climate changes  play a role in Sensory Processing Disorder?" Three days prior to the snowstorm my child will not sleep, extremely hot weather my child headbanging is almost unmanageable. When the atmosphere is really unstable and thunderstorms are rolling in. My child will not eat in to be intense to be more rambunctious. Any ideas on how to calm her down?

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Jun 01, 2012
My child
by: DebbieKinIL

is very sensitive to changes in the barometric pressure. She is tactile defensive.

Once, when we had the lowest pressure record in the Midwest, she was miserable and it sickened her.

I say to parents of SPD kids, watch the weather changes to see if this is effecting your child.

May 30, 2012
Not strange at all
by: Madeline

I don't think there is anything weird about that, a lot of people experience headaches or other types of pain before storms so it's not weird that your SPD child can feel it as well.

I have something very similar. Around 2-6 hours before a storm (the more severe the storm the longer out my headache occurs)

If the head bashing is seriously harming your child that's a problem, other wise it's just their way of dealing with the baramatic pressure changes

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