by Wendy

My daughter was super hyper active and I started to worry about her being labeled in school, then one day our doctor ordered a liquid iron vitamin, I noticed she became uncontrollable one hour after ingesting. We then found out she is very sensitive to " Food Colouring " ,so we removed food colouring from her diet as much as possible and believe me when I say she is now a beautiful well behaved super smart child, still bouncing on the trampoline but better behaved.

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Oh the Dye Issue!
by: Irene Butler

You are a very astute parent to have noticed it was the dye! Often parents don't even think about just how much dye is in the diets (AND products we take for granted are safe) of our children (who are very small in comparison to our body size) and this has a HUGE impact on their systems. I noticed my son's reaction when he took red dyed Motrin and Tylenol as a baby and then as a small kid. He ran around like a crack head! He even labelled himself a Wildman one time, around the age of five. It is tragic products are on the market until proven "Unsafe" but if there is awareness, it can make a really significant difference. Removing only some can seriously help! They may not need so many restrictions over time, as they age but when they are so little... it's so obvious that it should really be banned as it is in the UK where issues like SPD, Tourette's (which my son has too)and Spectrum Disorders are worse per capita. My niece has it too, so we "feel" ya!

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