Wet socks

by mary
(urbana il)

So today, my four year old walks blithely out onto the soaking wet-post-rain sidewalk in his socks, since his shoes are on the porch, and only stops at the harsh sound of my call, "STOP", since the wetness of his feet wouldn't do a thing to inform his brain that it isn't a good idea to go much farther and watch out for that fat worm, thank you very much.

I get so aggravated!!!! And I have to remind myself that this isn't just stupid behavior, that's the hard part. To him, wet really isn't, well, wet the way we feel it.

The same goes for his soaking wet, full, four year old pull-up bottom, which is also driving me bananas. Potty training tips leave me in a place between tears and hysterical laughter, since this kid appears to be the only child in the universe who will probably be potty trained at the age of forty.

Am I alone in the universe?

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Apr 05, 2017
Don't wig out just yet.
by: Anonymous

My son was 4yrs and refusing to use the toilet. Oh he knew what to do and where to do it all right. It was a control issue that we saw a behaviorist for. The same one that diagnosed his SPD.

Jul 11, 2010
He will come around....
by: Lynn

My (suspected, pending diagnosis) SPD son is 5 1/2 now and still has accidents at nite abt 2X a week. He potty trained late at abt 4 1/2 yrs and by that time my husband and I had pretty much given up pushing him to do it bc we had been trying on and off since 3.

A friend told me "he won't wear em to college" speaking of diapers or pullups - so that is what I started telling family members or other friends who commented on him still wearing pullups at 4. I think that made those people drop it and sent the message that it wasn't that big of a deal.

His pediatrician just said last week that bed wetters usually solve the problem themselves by age 7. Much bigger fish to fry than washing sheets and airing out his bed a couple of times a week.

He is opposite though about the wet clothes, he cannot have wet clothes on -- it drives him nutty. As soon as we are out of the pool or sprinkler he is crying for me to help him get undressed. If he spills water on himself at dinner (or anytime really) while trying to take a drink - he NEEDS his shirt off ASAP.

He just recently decided that sprinklers were okay, when he was younger he absolutely refused to get into a sprinkler or shower bc he thought it was going to hurt him. Now he prefers showers and I have to force him to take a bath. Oh well, keeps life interesting!

Mar 02, 2010
by: LYNN

My son just turned 4 on monday. He's not potty trained at all. He doesn't seem to care one bit if he's sitting in his wet pull up. We've tried everything. If I have to watch another potty training video I'm gonna pull my hair out. Right now we're taking a break from the whole thing because he was starting to stim so bad that I felt we were loosing him. But it's nice to know I'm not alone. I wish us all luck!!

Feb 06, 2010
Wet Socks
by: TMR

My SPD son (3 1/2) is still not potty trained - and it doesn't look like he's going to 'get' it any time soon! He has gone in the potty before and still does at school, but unfortunately, I find it difficult to be consistent at home. So most definitely - you are not alone!!

Aug 30, 2009
Will NOT use the potty
by: Anonymous

My 3yr old grandson who is mildly SPD will not pee in potty and he insists on peeing outside. He asks for a pull-up to poop,despite everything we have tried to get him to use the potty its ok for now that he goes pee outside its still warm enough but im anxious to see what happens in the winter.

He stopped wetting the bed @ 18mos an just recently started having accidents @ nite, any ideas or suggestions from anyone ?

Aug 29, 2009
Not Alone
by: Angela

Potty training - the bane of moms everywhere b/c someone always has them fully trained at 24 months. My twin SPD son is still wearing pull ups at night despite and only 'got' the day potty thing about 6 months ago. His twins non-SPD sister has been dry through the night for the past 4 months, so there is a difference. And a wet pull up is easier than wet stinky icky clothes! Keep consistent non-pressured tries and remember that he will be out of pull ups before college! Good luck

Aug 28, 2009
your post
by: Luna

lol, nice post..you are not alone. Four year olds are notorious for going in the rain. I am pretty sure this is really normal:) I have a very bright daughter, who is slightly sensory sensitive who didn't get the potty thing down until she was four. He will get it..consistency is key. You are going to be okay.

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