What can you do?

I have a story about a picky eater who is now almost 30 yrs. old and was also told by the Dr. don't worry about it he will grow out of it . Well.guess what, he didn't and I am worried about it and have been for many years now. I will say it is probably more my fault then anybody else's.

I breast fed him and when it was time to start introducing him to solid food he had a really hard time with gag reflex to the point of vomiting every time . So I just let him breastfeed more and trying again and again until I finally found things he would eat. Dry cereal, bacon, bread and all the stuff that is not healthy for you. He did like apples and orange juice but long story short he didn't grow out of it! Sorry Dr but you were Wrong and I was not understanding there was a real problem here.

So here we are he is approaching 30 yrs old and he eats pizza , fries, chicken strips and a lot of other unhealthy stuff. He is overweight and very moody and doesn't feel very well most of the time. I keep telling him it is because of his diet and I know he needs help but I can't convince him to seek it.

Oh and to boot he has acid reflux so bad that he takes that medicine for it all the time and always says he has a sinus infection which I think is probably from all the yeast he consumes and acid reflux combined.

So many thoughts on this subject like I should forced him which I tried many times but ya know when ya think they will grow out of it and your Dr is even telling you that. He actually was healthy when he was younger, or so i thought but now I really think it has caught up with him.

My advice to anyone with younger children going through this, don't believe your Dr and seek help with this and if anyone out there has any advice please feel free to comment.

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Apr 19, 2018
I can relate
by: Anonymous

I'm a 28 year old with the same issue. I have SPD but am just now getting diagnosed with it. I told my parents since elementary school that something was wrong, but neither my doctors nor my parents believed me. They thought I was being stubborn and would grow out of it. I get by on meal replacement drinks and I'm working on having some sort of solid food each day. I have signs of dysfunction for other senses, like being driven crazy by seams on clothes, but my symptoms are the worst for oral stuff.

A few things I've done that help: my psychiatrist gave me a medication to stimulate my appetite, I always keep multiple food and drink choices within reach whether I'm in bed or out with friends, and I have a relatively strict eating schedule (1 meal replacement drink before work, 1 during, 1 within a few hours afterwards, 1 before bed, and I try to add in whatever other drinks/food I can handle for the day). It helps to be distracted and in an eating routine so that I don't have to think about it as much.

Jan 06, 2015
Picky Eater
by: Antoinette

Hi there,

Having a picky is not easy! My son is nearly 8 and he has been a picky eater since I introduced solids. He could only drink breastmilk without choking. I tried to introduce solids at 7mths old and he just choked and gagged. I breastfed him until he was nearly 6yrs old. He had failure to thrive and was not picking up weight but for me he was not choking or aspirating on solids.

To this day he does not eat most fruit and veg. He has a swallowing problem and chokes easily on certain foods. Prevention is better than cure for me so I don't feed him foods that he chokes on. He also has low muscle tone and muscle weakness and becomes fatigued easily. His basic diet at the moment is toast dipped in soup or a peanut butter sandwich dipped in tea. That he can eat every day. I don't buy unhealthy food so he can't eat it.

I have him on a multivitamin too. He drinks lots of water too.

I know it's hard to convince a 30yr old to eat healthy. Have you tried fruit and veg smoothies, or liquid meal supplements? Has he been assessed for his reflux challenge?

Kind regards,

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