What do I do now?

by Kate

My son is now 7 and for a long time I have thought that there was something wrong... we have daily battles with socks not being right, shoes not being right and not feeling right.

The tantrums can be horrendous and he refuses to leave the house, its a massive battle half of the time.

He has always been sensitive to certain noises, can never keep still and always seems to be poking, prodding and not keeping his hands to himself in class.

After reading the checklist to SPD I have realized that he seems to have a fair few of the characteristics.

Where do I go from here? is it a necessity to go to the doctors to get a diagnosis? or can I just help him at home?

I am a bit confused at what do to next.

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Dec 15, 2008
Thank you
by: Kate

Thank you for all your comments, well i went to the doctors with my concerns and he definitely thinks there is something wrong.. and he is going to refer us!

Feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders but can't help thinking that I have 'dobbed him in', but I know it had to be done to give him a better future.

Dec 09, 2008
Your not alone!
by: Mandy

The best thing is, your not alone! It probably feels that way, but you have found your "aha" ! Occupational therapy is probably your best start and reading up on things.

My son has been going through OT for 2 years. He has done well, and I have noticed some changes, I still have other issues with him but we will work through them.

One of the best things I bought when he was little was the ear covers lawn care professionals wear. He wore them when I vacuumed, when we went to a parade or fire works, plus he liked it cause he thought he was a cool worker guy.

Good luck to you, your a great parent for knowing he needs some help!

Dec 08, 2008
Occupational Therapy
by: Jessi

You definitely will want to try and find an OT in your area who is familiar with at least and best case a specialist in the area of SPD.

My son has made huge improvements after over a year of weekly therapy. He went twice a week for a year and is now going once a week. My son still has trouble at school (he's in Pre-K) and gets in trouble for violent behavior such as punching in kicking. My belief is that he has trouble with so many kids being in close quarters in him.

I've read that certain types of 'touches' can cause violent reactions in SPD kids. We've also noticed that these behaviors tend to increase when he goes through a growth spurt. His OT told me that their systems have to sort of 'reset' every time they grow. Fortunately, I have the option of holding him back from Kindergarten for a year and most likely will until he is able to better control these urges to lash out.

However, a year and a half ago was a totally different story. His troubles now are nothing compared to then. I went to any lengths imaginable to not have to take him to the store for example. It was a nightmare - he cried, he screamed, he ran away from me, etc. Now I know why of course. And after a few months of therapy he was able to handle it fine. Another thing he now handles well is waiting in lines at fairs and other such things.

OT is the best thing that ever happened to us, and I imagine it may be for you too. I think that is probably the next step for you.

Good Luck!

Dec 07, 2008
by: Marcie

Reading and understanding is the first thing that I did and then I found my son an Occupational Therapist. Working at home with my son is a continual thing

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