What do we do now?

by Lauren
(Stuart, FL ,USA)

Our son is almost 9 he was first diag. with SPD at the age 6 1/2, our son is "performing" at school and we work very hard for his education, however we get very little help at school because he does well. Our insurance is no longer covering his OT appts. and we can now only afford 1 maybe two sessions a month, we do the brushing tech, and listening, along with a fidget box , and outside activities.

We are wondering what else we can do and also if he could have any other issues as well. Because he is mildly affected it seems like we can't get the resources he needs, and as if everyone is waiting for him to fail to get him help. we are feeling discouraged at this point and have read books and do the best we can, but he seems to be regressing a bit i know it is normal at every development step i am feeling confused and floating. Would taking him to a neurologist help?

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