What does this sound like to you?? PLEASE HLP!

by Dorothy
(Houston, Texas )

22 months old:

- Hates bath and will not sit down in the tub, scared of bath
- Terrified of water - pools, beaches
- Dislikes diaper changes and getting dressed, requires 2 adults
- Hates having teeth brushed
- Doesn't like having face or hands washed
- Doesn't like having sunscreen or other lotions put on (will cry)
- Won't sit down on sand
- Plays with a toy or toys often clenched in one hand so will play with only one hand
- No imaginative play
- No interest in playing with other kids
- Often whiny and irritable, often no apparent reason
- Severe separation anxiety
- Will not play independently
- Will go from toy to toy with no real purpose in activities
- Fearful of many things that are irrational
- Doesn't use utensils
- Awkward grasp on things like sippy cup (keeps fists clenched), still uses tight pincer grasp with thumb and index finger, rest of hand is tightly clenched
- Walks unsteadily -- hyper-extends legs? Still walks on tip-toes a lot of the time
- Repeats words but still leaves endings off words and has very limited range of sounds
- Does not say own name or names of other people independently (will try to repeat if prompted)
- No patience, whines and cries if wants something instead of asking and pointing
- Often cannot point to a picture of something in a book if asked or will say the wrong animal/item
- Excessively tongues food when eating
- Gets carsick
- Cries a lot in car and stroller and wants to keep moving
- Constipation issues
- Picky eater, will not eat entire food types due to texture
- Still acts and seems very much like a baby despite being almost 2 years old
- Doesn't like playdough or colouring with crayons (doesn't seem to understand what to do? or maybe no interest? Texture or developmental, not sure)
- When picked up, has a stiff or rigid-seeming body
- Heavy reflux as an infant which lasted well into the second year
- Frequent ear infections

He seems to be more difficult than other kids his age and he is difficult to manage. Is this normal behaviour? We keep saying he's just particular or just has quirks but things are not getting easier. He still seems like a baby whereas friends kids are starting to turn into little boys and girls. Is this sensory processing disorder, asperger's, autism, developmental or mental delay. Please what is going on???

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Nov 22, 2009
This might help!
by: Anonymous

You might find this film helpful - www.autisticlike.com

You are not alone!

Oct 27, 2009
Contact Your Local Early Intervention Office
by: Dr. Ron

I am an Early Intervention Provider in Indiana. Every state offers early intervention services from birth to 3. Here is a link to the contact number for these services in Texas.


Copy and paste this into your browser, then call the referral phone number. Qualified professionals will come out to your house, evaluate your child and offer therapy services if appropriate.

It certainly sounds like sensory challenges. Autism needs to be determined with the help of professional eyes seeing your child directly. 0-3 Best Practice Guidelines for Autism diagnosis are multiple observations, by multiple people, over time.

For now just get some help, learn what sensory approaches best help your child's regulation and get some relief from the challenges. www.roncraker.org

Oct 25, 2009
Sounds like he needs a good evaluation
by: Anonymous

You describe a child who is certainly struggling with an autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing issues. He could really benefit from some early intervention. I would have him evaluated. I tried to handle my daughter on my own, dealing with behaviors, etc. and she was not diagnosed until age 10. Big mistake. She and I suffered so much, when help was available! Please get your son evaluated as soon as possible. He will benefit from therapy, and you will get support!

Oct 07, 2009
A personal SPD story
by: Anonymous


We just wanted to let you know that one of our very dear friends wrote a very personal account of her experiences with SPD on our website today.

We thought we'd share the link with you so that you might read it and refer others to it as well. The link is: http://www.fivehens.com/adhd-maybe-not-spd/

Please feel free to comment on the post. We'd love to hear your feedback.

Oct 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

Thanks Anonymous. Did your son do any of the same physical things as my son with the clenching his fist, playing with one hand, pincer grip lasting this long. He does interact socially, like he will look at people and smile, wave bye, and give toys to other kids.

Oct 06, 2009
This sounds like ASD mixed with SPD
by: Anonymous

Hello Dorothy,

I have a son with autism and he had all of those signs. My son before 18 months pointed, talked, related to us, yet didn't babble much, had constant reflux and at 9 months stopped eating milk. He hated baths because he was scared had anxieties to noise, bathtubs and showers, and an aversion to pureed foods mixed with morsels. Didn't like anything green to eat. Scared of beaches because of noise and big waves coming towards him, no imaginative play,very anxious when separated from parents, he didn't tiptoe but a friend of his does, he would lick every thing and mouth it (pica), constipated when toilet training him at age 4, would only eat smooth foods, would hate to be put on his back for diaper change, and the list goes on.

I would say contact your local Intermediate unit for evaluation so he can get occupational therapy, speech therapy and/or physical therapy if needed. He qualifies for services from 0 to 3 and then he can get a placement for him in preschool.
Look at this website: (http://www.autismlink.com/locations/view/44) and join the local yahoo groups website for more support....to help you navigate services in your state....I moved to Pa. get better services.

Good Luck!
Post more if you need more help.

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