What does this sound like?

by Angela

When my son was little he used to bang his head on the top of his playpen all the time, he had bruises for about a year on his forehead, my Aunt swore up and down he had autism (she works with Autistic kids) but I refused to believe her.

Well, then the Sensory issue came up, when he wouldn't eat anything soft or gummy when he was a baby, after he got off formula all he would drink was whole milk and eat dry cheerios, he hardly ate any solid foods. To this day he is a picky eater, I even (not my most proud moment as a parent) forced him to try stuffing, and the kid turned red, gagged and almost puked once he got it in his mouth.

He refuses to wear socks with big seams in them, I had to cut all the little "knots" on the toe of the socks off (part of the seams), therefore the socks ended up with big holes in them. He wouldn't wear shirts with tags he would pull and get so grumpy when he wasn't comfortable, so I used to cut all the tags off. He started some eye twitching a couple years ago, but it went away after about a year, but now he is twisting and pulling on his hair to the point he has a HUGE bald spot behind his ear!!!

My son is now 10 1/2, and Im wondering if he needs some help, its not the little everyday things that bother me, but now that I look at his whole 10 year history this stuff sticks out like a sore thumb, and maybe Ive been in denial because "sometimes" he is completely normal and will wear clothes that he wouldn't wear 2 days before.

What does this sound like to you??

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