What If Your Child Isn't Full Blown SPD But Has Some Of The Qualities?

We had to switch my son Tyler from a private school that couldn't handle him to public school. His current Kindergarten teacher has a son with SPD but she continues to write everything he does wrong down on his agenda everyday. Even though she knows how hard it is for him! We finally took my son to be evaluated by an OT and they did not diagnose him with SPD. However he does have some sensory seeking qualities. (aversion to sunlight, problems with personal space and social skills, toe walking, fine motor issues).

So, my question is - what do I do? His teacher is always referring to him as SPD yet he wasn't diagnosed and yet he has some of the symptoms. I'm so frustrated - I wish he had been diagnosed so I could at least have some direction! Help me!

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Jun 16, 2008
The teacher is wrong
by: Cris

I'm in Texas and I used to substitute teach. I have a 10yr old with ADHD and guardianship of a 13yr old with ADHD. Along with this I have an associates in psychology. All of this to say, one day while teaching an eight grade math class I had a girl that was sat in front of the class as a trouble maker. It was February, her problem was ADD she could not stay focused.

I helped her complete her assignment and she felt so accomplished. I sent a letter to her mother about how I helped her... just trying to be helpful. I got banded from subbing. I tried to help not pass judgment. You child's teacher cannot diagnose! Take it to the Superintendent! There should be a program and a teacher willing to work with your child at a level to get him where he is equal to his peers. Check the no child left behind laws.

May 22, 2008
My two cents...
by: Jessi

I agree with Dan that you should take your son to another OT who may be more qualified to make a diagnosis. Even if they don't diagnose him with SPD, I would ask the OT if they thought it might benefit him to get some therapy anyhow. I don't really see how it couldn't benefit any kid in some way.

All I can ever say to anyone else's questions is that getting therapy has completely changed my son's and my life. It's been truly amazing to see him getting along in life like a 'normal' kid. Of course there are setbacks... noisy places, or times when he's expected to sit quietly for a long time. He's four, and before we started therapy about 8 months ago - I didn't even know if he was capable of learning in a school setting, and now he's learning new things everyday.

I think therapy could definitely benefit your son in learning how to handle school.

Good luck!

May 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

Look up information regarding Aspergers.

May 20, 2008
Get Another Eval
by: Daniel Travis

Hi. First of all, it sounds as though you are on the right path here with SPD. It does sound as though your son has some sensory issues that are obviously impacting his ability to act appropriately in a classroom setting.

I have to ask: What certifications did the OT have who did the initial evaluation. Have you had him checked for any other physical issues besides SPD?

I would recommend going to another OT, one who is certified in Sensory Integration and Praxis Testing (SIPT) if at all possible. The SPD Network can probably help you find one in your area, it did for me. If you see a more experienced OT and have a more complete eval, things should probably go better.

As for having to deal with a teacher who isn't very sympathetic to your son, even though she too has a child with same problem, I can relate. I have moderate/severe SPD, myself, and I had a teacher in middle school who was always commenting on, and getting annoyed by, my own behavioral issues. He did this even though he himself has a child with Aspergers and SPD. Some people just think they're alone on this issue and fail to respect it when they see it in others, I suppose. It may also be the case that the teacher is trying to persuade you to believing it's a problem for him. Obviously it isn't. You already agree!

Just try with another OT. Things should go better. Post again if you have or need any more info. There are people here, like myself, who might be able to help.

Good luck.

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