What is the Prognosis for a child with SPD

by Tony
(Brea, CA)

My son is five and has been diagnosed with SPD when he was 4 but has been receiving aid for sensory disorder and speech since he was 2. My spouse freaks out anytime he has a meeting with school teachers and specialist and his IEP. Things are worse because my spouse is a teacher and worries more than I do.

My son is a picky eater but better than my nephew who is 12 and by all accounts is normal pre teen. What is the prognosis of children with SPD? One on one you would not know that my son is odd... but with other peers he stands out like weed.

As he gets older will he be a normal functioning adult?

Thunks very much,


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Jun 11, 2009
Improved independence skills
by: Fauzi,id .

I was Indonesian OT. I have read your story,before we judge about what the first best do, as parent should check the SPD type. Describe my clinical experiences, child wit SPD has sensory defensiveness that appear in picky eating, speech disorder. The child become difficult to indicate his need. It make trigger if we didn't know what they want. For meaningful activity at home, parent may teach them to learn independence skill( dressing, bathing, toileting).

In addition tactile defensiveness tolerate, you may stimulate them for many touch experiences at oral area may improve eating skill. So prognosis be the best if we know what your child can tolerate and intolerant, it leading your child life skills. ozi_2507@yahoo.com

Jun 10, 2009
I am worried too..
by: char113

My son is slated to begin kindergarten and has SPD and he has speech and OT the doctor is considering giving him a PDD diagnosis so he ca continue to get services. I wonder the same thing about my son he is five and has a late b-day. I wonder if he will be able to function as an adult or even a teen for that matter without me prompting him on what to do. Cognitively his very smart, he is just a little odd socially. He is an only child, but he does play with other children at school and at different places such as check e cheese, and at the burger king slides. I wonder what the prognisis is also.

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