What is wrong with the newspaper?

I just didn't get it. What was it about that darn newspaper? I just couldn't hold it in my hands, it felt SO dry, SO crisp, so rough and I just couldn't stand it. It was so dry feeling, it was like every little piece of newspaper was filled with small shards of finger-cutting paper! My parents would ask me if I wanted to read a portion of the newspaper- NO! How about the comics? NO! I didn't want anything to do with the newspaper, even having to bring it from outside to inside the house. Sometimes that meant holding the plastic bag that it came in, and although that wasn't as bad, it too had a strange slick, crisp plastic feel to it that I would rather avoid.

Sand was horrible, and I still haven't quite adjusted to the feel of it. Sand is like many shards of small cutting rock, ready to cut up every inch of my feet as I walk on it, and sticking to my sweaty skin, unable to get it all off no matter what I try to do.

Stepping on grass while bare-foot was like torture. All the prickly, harsh, itchy, pointed blades of grass, scratching, hurting, and annoying my feet. With each step, each blade of grass was felt. It gets easier the more I try, but it is always the first few steps that take some getting used to. Some carpets are just as difficult for

me to walk on barefoot. Some of the newer drying cloths or bathrobes that are made out of some sort of material that never feels wet, I can't handle touching.

I have major problems with anything scented. I HATE scented candles, soaps, scrubs, shampoos, the smell of play-doughs, toothpaste, crayons, scented air fresheners, plug-ins, scented laundry detergents, perfumes, scented car fresheners, strong smelling flowers, strong smelling foods, the meat and cheese department at the grocery store and many more. I strongly dislike the smell of all pet-foods.

I used to have pain that felt like someone was bruising me all over my body whenever someone touched me anywhere. It was like the physical sensation of someone intentionally hurting me. I half-expected to see a bruise especially with very light touch, which was far worse than a firm, steady, unmoving touch. My arms, back and shoulders were especially sensitive and are to some extent even now.

I have a sensitivity to lights in the morning, and can only sleep in complete darkness and preferably no sounds as it is difficult to fall asleep with background noises such as a clock ticking, a computer humming, the bugs outdoors, the T.V. on quietly, a dishwasher going etc.

I am getting used to the feelings of things. I will sometimes go to the store, and intentionally touch the towels, or blankets, or when I bring the kids to the playground, touch the sand, rocks, woodchips and touch and smell the flowers.

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Aug 07, 2010
Try Exercise!
by: Anonymous

Growing up I always knew that there was something "strange" about me. It wasn't until I was in my late 30s and my son was diagnosed with SPD that I knew what it was. Through the years of not knowing I always found that exercise helped me. (I even became a fitness professional!) Try going for a walk or putting in an exercise dvd, it may help you too.

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