What my profession does for those proprioceptive dysfunction.

by Taiga Suzuki
(Santa Clara, CA )

hi. I am a student of a profession that is correcting this proprioceptive dysfunction.

In my clinic where i work now as a student intern, i see all people who have abnormal proprioceptions.

those people often have less concentration, not sleeping well, more pains, and bad posture(one shoulder higher than other, slumping etc)and less energy at the end of day.

those people get immediate relief typically takes 2-6 visits of 20-25 minutes sessions to correct those abnormal proprioceptions. people get better and are released from care.
periodical check up might be called based on client needs.

What my profession does for this proprioceptive dysfunction is that we can detect any abnormal joints, muscle, ligament, and tendon in every directions. Each of them needs to be checked in every single direction that body needs to restore it to normal.
we touch one area example say, illium. we check superior, inferior, medial, lateral, anterior and posterior on PSIS. Body shows that the direction of correction needs to be one way over other. then very slight but fast impulse is given by finger with less than 2-4 oz will be applied into one joint.

it is quite amazing and fulfilling that when those proprioception are normalized.

It is very easy to detect and correct those abnormal proprioceptions once one has acquire skill sets.

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