What to do, where to go if it's not just a cleaning?

by Nichole

My daughter is 9 with SPD, and has gotten through cleanings...but she needs a appt. Soon, and I'm scared it'll need to be more than just a cleaning!

My question is, where do I take her, what do I do if I can't get her through say a filling? Do they do gas for kids? Can they give her something for anxiety before? Orthodontist? General anesthesia?

Also, if it comes to that, how do you even get that in the works? Do they refer you to someone for you to go to the hospital for general anesthesia? Truth be told, I understand my daughter completely, because when she got diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, It was like a lightbulb moment!

I always said she was exactly like me! Same sensitivities, anxiety issues ect..I haven't been properly diagnosed, but yes I have SPD. It makes me worry and want to help her even more!

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Jan 09, 2020
Dental cleaning feedback
by: Mary C

Don't know where you live, but we have a dentist in Old Bridge, NJ who does special needs kids and he is OUTSTANDING! My son and a friend's autistic both got gassed to have teeth removed and they were fine.

My suggestion... make LOTS of phone calls to dentists in the area and ask if they deal with special needs kids. Try to focus on pediatric dentists for now. Do you still have a yellow pages book because their advertisement will say special needs kids. Ask around. Do you have a children's hospital in the area? Do you have pediatric neuro doctors who work with autistic children?

Ask if they have suggestions for local dentists who work with these kids. Best of luck!!!

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