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by Jennifer

My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with rubbing some moles on my skin, likes to lick and smell my skin, likes having her bare back rubbed, and was rubbing the hair on a stranger's arm. She put my necklaces in her mouth when I hold her, and chews on toys, and bites her toenails. She used to stick her hands in her poopy diaper and rub it in things she would try to touch it and lick it when she was a baby. She plays in her ketchup, plays in dirt and mud and in the sink. I've caught her smearing desitin on the dresser. She puts her hands in her glasses of water. She often accidentally bites her own fingers while eating, and wrestles with her sister and is sometimes too rough while being affectionate with me.

She however walks with a sure foot, is excellent at kicking a ball, very graceful when she dances, and excellent at climbing. In group play situations she'll play nicely for a while then she'll go bonkers and get very wild and out of control. I had to take her out of play group then she got away and ran through the library. Then she was ready to come back and listen to a story. She tends to run off in public. She often asks if we can go somewhere, so she likes to go places. Yet sometimes she can be clingy. Some of her behavior seems like spd, but seems inconsistent. Is this behavior often seen in spd? can sensory over stimulation be seen as acting out behavior? Does it sound like she should be tested? Can running off and acting out be a sign of anxiety?

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Nov 20, 2013
Do it now while she's still young.
by: William

Yes SPD is inconsistent, i've never read about running off in public associated with SPD. But the rest of your described symptoms sound like you have daughter with a sensory seeking form of SPD.

Get her in for testing and OT as soon as possible to nip this in the bud. Running off in public in this day and age is more and more dangerous everyday. I suggest to combat the running off in public issue, you limit public outings. And if you do go out in public you literally leash her. Walmart sells kid leashes for like $9.99 usd.

As for the stranger rubbing i don't know what to suggest before diagnosis and OT. Maybe you could limit the exposure to strangers for the time being just to be safe.

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