What's wrong with Madeline?

by Laurie Schadler
(Bettendorf, IA)

My daughter has been unique since the day she was born. The only child I know to actually be kicked out of the baby nursery at the hospital. On our last night before going home from the hospital with our daughter, I finally broke down and said she should go to the nursery so I could get a good night sleep before taking her home. They brought her back 30 minutes later, just as I was falling asleep and said she was waking all the other babies.

She was diagnosed with extreme colic until she was 11 months old. And from there on Madeline has always had a special way about her.

We really began to notice tactile issues with her when she was 5. She hated socks, shoes were difficult, her hair had to be just right, her pants had to be so tight that they would cause bruising on her stomach. She would often try to wear two belts to make her pants extra tight. She would change her under ware several times a day and would often go to school upset from the trauma of getting dressed.

Now Madeline is 8 and in the second grade and things have slowly gotten worse as she adds more "problems" to her day. Now she also has to wear an undershirt because she feels her shirts are to loose. She will cry for an hour over the seams in her socks, she has to wear rubberbands around her wrists, and she has an all out melt down if forced to wear jeans.

Madeline also struggles with school. And she absolutely dreads going to school. At her age, I thought school was a great place for the most part. If asked what the favorite part of her school day is, she will reply "leaving".

We did resume her sessions with a therapist, and while seeing the doctor helps, we just don't understand what is going on with her. Her self esteem seems to be slipping, often commenting that she dumb and that school is to hard. I have even seen

a change in her peer groups.

My daughter is a loving girl who is the first to help someone in need. She adores spending time with family and is very happy when she is physically active. She is very strong for a girl of her age and always has been. She enjoys being outdoors and takes gymnastics. But she is getting frustrated when she doesn't feel she is doing well enough.

Madeline is socially bright she walked, talked in sentences, climbed stairs, and so much more by the time she was ten months old. She did have chronic ear infections and eventually had two sets of ear tubes and her adenoids removed by the time she was 3. Her health since then has been great.

She is always fearful of silly things, like running out of gas when we are in the car, or missing a appointment such as her weekly Brownie meeting and gymnastic class. She constantly wants reminders for up coming events. She worries about money she worries about her weight and needless things for any 8 year old.

We have been presented with the idea of starting her on an anxiety medicine to see if that helps. We have been working with her therapist, school councilor, and family doctor.

Bottom line is, we just don't understand what is wrong with our Madeline?? we have a 5 year old son who shows none of these signs, but does become victim occasionally to Madelines rages when things aren't working for her. Usually in the morning while getting dressed, this is the worst time for her.

Do yo have any tips, or any thoughts about what we may be missing? We just want to help her and hate to see her struggle as such a young age. She has so many years ahead of her in school, we would like them to be less stressful. We are not looking for a miracle, like I said she has always been unique, we are just hoping for some ideas on how to get her through these years.

Thank you for your time

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Jan 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hi, so strange, i have much in common with Madeline.

Nov 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

A child sense's everything!!!
So As They Say, "the apple doesn't fall
far from the tree" ??? Dont Worry...Be
Happy :)

Nov 11, 2010
Response to What's wrong with Madeline?
by: Anonymous

Your Madeline sounds like she is sensory defensive. Look this up on amazon, there are some good books on sensory defensiveness. The sense that sounds most affected is the tactile sense - our sense of touch. You also need to take her immediately to an occupational therapist that specializes in sensory integration (not all of them do) and have her evaluated. Albeit, if you can't find one that has a certification in sensory integration, then one that doesn't have the certification can also help. I have two kids with SPD and one of them is sensory defensive. Good luck! Marti

Apr 20, 2010
I can relate.
by: Anonymous

My daughter, like many with SPD has issues with clothes too. I think mornings are hardest for our family too. Mostly because of getting dressed and probably dreading the school day as well. Things have improved though since we began seeing an OT once a week. I STRONGLY encourage you to seek an evaluation for your daughter ASAP! It can take time to get one. Was a lot of red tape for us but is sooo worth the effort! Research is very important too. The more you can understand about SPD the better! The book "The Out-of-Sync Child" by Carol Stock Kranowitz is really helpful. Good Luck to you and your family!

Apr 16, 2010
Poor baby girl.....
by: Anonymous

Get her an OTR ASAP

She definitely has huge sensory issues, i feel so bad for her and your family.
I know its so hard in the morning to get both my children dressed!!!!

My daughter hates loose clothes also!!!!!
She is looking for sensory input. She needs that tightness!!!!!

My son also, he likes soft clothes, and a multitude of restrictions on what he will and will not wear.

I took him shopping with me and let him feel the clothes before i bought them. Hes 5, LOL
But when i went to put the shirts on him, he freaked and "no sleeves, no sleeves"
So i paid someone to cut the sleeves off his shirts and hem them!!!!! LOL LOL
What we will do, huh??? LOL. He has aspergers also. It gets pretty crazy here EVERY morning!!

Read all you can on SPD, and GET HER TO AN OT or even better an OTR!!

Good luck, and just remember when shes freaking out over stuff, its NOT bad behavior, shes in pain!!!! She needs help and comfort, i get angry sometimes, then i feel like crap.
Our poor kids, its so hard for them to get through a day..............Esp. school.....

God bless you and your family, Kim

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