When we go see doctor how can i make him understand my concerns?

by Cindy lucas
(Middletown CA usa)

Having the doctor understand and take me seriously?

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Mar 08, 2017
How to make the doctor understand
by: Staccy

It took me a couple of times of going to the doctor. One told me I could try "play therapy" because I kept trying to tell him that my son is socially anxious (so much so that we did not make him go to daycare).

What finally made it work was when my son's preschool teacher told me about concerns. She wrote me a letter to take to the doctor and then told me to write a list of everything that I had noticed with my son. When I went to the doctor, I said I was concerned about Austism. Her automatic response was, "Oh, he is probably ok, just socially slow" until I told her what the teacher said and my list of concerns. Then she set me up with another doctor.

We have been to the occupational therapist who believes he has SPD. The reason the doctor's always try to put off diagnosing these types of disorders is because with Autism, there is usually no eye contact between the child and anyone, SPD as this site says is not yet a legal diagnosis, and 3rd- they hear these concerns all the time and probably think parents are "overly-concerned".

I am a nurse as well and know that you have to be the advocate for your child, so when the doctor tries to tell you "It's nothing", just say, "Can I get a referral to an occupational therapist to make sure it's nothing? They don't usually deny referrals. Hopefully this helps! Stacy

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