Where can I get help!

by Angie Maynez
(USA Burley Idaho)

I am sorry if someone has asked this question before. The more I read the more convinced this is what Mia has.. But I am not sure about a couple things. She always says her fingers hurt and feet,head.rubbing eyes says they hurt hits her self in the head, pulls hair and throws awful tantrum's running from room to room screaming I'm done I'm done, So many more things scared of loud noises scared of the TV when it goes off the air wants hugs all day then changes her mind, Here is my question some days she is fine happy not scared and will play in her room and I can understand her. then she seems to go backwards and starts talking like a baby and I can only understand some of what she says, I know on these days we are in for it because before the day is over she will have one or more of her tantrums and nothing I say or do can prevent it. I am walking on eggshells wondering when the next one is coming, She has a problems with the letter F she will say pingers not fingers she is two.

my question is do they go back and forth have good days and bad days with this. Every sense I can remember she would always hit her head and the doctor says oh she's a head banger. I always new this was not some kind of fit she was having. I must say lately it seems more bad days then good. I even had the doctor check her for leukemia because of the hands and feet always hurting. Is there any help for this in my small town doctor seems to think its the terrible twos. I know its much more then that.
thank you any help would be great

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