Where do I begin

I have a 4 and a half year old daughter who has not been diagnosed with SPD by a health professional yet, but I have a growing suspicion that she has sensory modulation disorder. I have been doing research for years trying to figure out what her condition could be to no avail.

We have had struggles with her development since the age of 4 months old beginning with her inability to breastfeed or bottle feed properly. But that was luckily fixed after one feeding therapy session. She struggled to crawl then walk then run but did eventually. She struggles with her speech articulations. She barely spoke until the age of 4 she only said 3 words on a regular basis “mama, bye, and purple”. I have her using Gemiini for speech therapy but she still struggles with the s, z, and r sounds plus drops off the ending of words. But has made a huge improvement since beginning Gemiini. She didn’t make much eye contact or initiate conversation before using it. But I am thinking she still needs more help than Gemiini can give her.

And then there’s potty training which I waited until after she was 3 years old to even start trying. I have tried pull ups then training underwear and I recently gave up on them since it didn’t make a difference wearing them for her just more frustration for me. One of the hardest things about going through all this is the fact I am a mother of 6 kids who I have had in a 6 year span. I also homeschool my kids and am doing this with no help. So I finally am going to get to see a occupational therapist for her at the end of September.

I hope I am right and have found what is wrong in sensory processing disorder. We don’t have much money to go around so I struggled even to ask my husband to get the referral for the occupational therapy. I must go my youngest is up.

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