Where do we start

by fran

Ok so our son bright as button go's to nursery and boom tone of bricks hit us.

His teacher takes dad a side and says that our son not doing too good.

So I go down and watch all the other children doing stories and sing songs while he sat alone.
He plays with other children but it when he want and what he wants not forced like nursery.
So more and more I am saying no and having him do stuff I want to do.
But it turns out he cannot understand if there is no pictures to help.

To think all the stories at bed time have not gone and time spent with him has brought him comfort and knowing he loved. It breaks my heart. This is he keep interrupting re what that mum, what's that there?

I see it more and more in him and I wonder will it hold him back in life,
How can I do all I can to make sure he can reach where he need to be?
Bit sad just now and know we have a mountain to climb together,
He is what matters but it has come as shock to me and dad.

Any words welcome.

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Nov 22, 2009
It's o.k.
by: Anonymous


I understand exactly how painful it is that your child does not learn like everyone else. It's most hard in the beginning because you are still trying to understand what the problems are and how to go about fixing them. But in time you will become an expert on how your child thinks and what works best to help him learn. With help of your pediatrician and possibly an occupational therapist you will get guidance in finding creative new ways to engage your child.

For us, we had to make our daughters grades in school the least important thing. We couldn't care if her grades were bad she was doing her best. We wanted more than anything for her to be proud of herself and capable. She could tell by 1st grade that she couldn't do things as quickly as the other kids and it made her sad. We had her in classes like dance and art where she could get praise for her natural ability and not for academics. It took a few years but slowly things came together with her maturity, and help from her school and now she is a very good A student and working at her grade level.

Your son will be fine because he has you. He has parents that will do their best to understand him and help him. Don't be afraid there will be many things he will be good at before he is grown.

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