Where to find help?

by J.M.

My 22 year old daughter has several of the symptoms listed. We've had a hard time understanding what she is experiencing and she was finally able to give us a glimpse of what she experiences and why it causes her so much anxiety she shuts down. She is currently in college and every new addition to her workload nearly crushes her with anxiety. She said that its like she is in a room with many televisions all blaring and she is asked to focus on one t.v. and manage that alone. She is unable to quiet the other t.v.'s in her head to focus on the one. Is this SPD? or something else? She becomes paralyzed in making decisions, has catastrophic thinking, and is being treated for depression and anxiety. If it is SPD, how would be go about finding someone who can help her?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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