Why I struggle with touch sensitivity.

by Patrick Meehan

I am an individual with tactile defensiveness who struggles a great deal with SPD and have a huge tendency to withdraw from any light touch. I have this problem so bad then even when I am from a distance still feeling this sensation that it feels very much like a form of brutal torture.

I am so bad with Spd that when I am around someone and they position there body in a way that I can't help but to withdraw it is very annoying. I used to work as a cashier in customer service and I'll tell you how hard it would be to give money to cashiers or they take money out of my hand and a lot of times I would get tickled and believe me, it was not a fun thing to deal with.

I am hoping I could find some like minded people who are part of this website who have very similar experiences and can hopefully give me a few pointers. Thanks!

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