Why is my son losing focus when he writes in the classroom?

by Pree
(United States)

My 7 year old son who is a preterm by birth ans was born on the 25th week..When he started going to kindergarten i am getting complaints from the teacher that when she asked him to finish certain class activities he lose focus /or he stops writing and sit doing nothing..Like he is in different world thinking something..Again he needs a reminder to write.But the teacher cannot sit with him and remind all the time,she has to watch rest of the kids also..

Now i am fed up of getting complaints from every teacher, Now he is in First grade still the teachers are complaining the same thing that He is not doing his class work on time.Once he focus he will grasp the things very fast..Even he can solve the puzzles fast,the thing is if he is interested ans focus only.So I have a ques that is this happening because he is a preterm ??Why my son losing focus when he writes in the classroom..??Please answer..Getting complaints everyday and thinking the solutions all the day making me sad and cry..Please help us...

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