Why would you tell your pediatrician ...

by Rebecca

You know - there has been something odd about my son. I just could not put my finger on it - My husband and I have been talking to our pediatrician for 12 months. She just keeps telling us - he's 2 - its normal. My mother keeps saying he talks - I have heard 7 different words and one of those was last night - he will be 2 on tomorrow.

The parts they don't know are things I never knew I needed to tell my pediatrician - he bumps into something and gets a bruise the size of 3 adults hands and only cries for 10 seconds. Its 80 degrees outside and he rolls and rolls in his comforter 6 or 7 layers deep. He screams in fear or pain when he gets near a sprinkler or the wind gusts against his face or you put a cute little hat on him. On the other hand he loves the shower, he walks in and out and just feels the water hitting him. He "talks" into the fan while it blows in his face. He loves his new beanie hat.

How can we let other parents know that some of these things need to be discussed with their pediatrician? We just thought it was him being quirky.

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Sep 19, 2009
Why would you tell your pediatrician
by: Rosemary

I am a pediatric OT. Your story is too familiar. Most pediatricians are not trained to look for this, and most will not address the issue. To the best of my knowledge, You do NOT have to have a pediatrician referral to obtain early childhood intervention services. Google ECI and your city, and refer yourself. Evaluations are at no charge. Request an OT be present at the evaluation. ECI serves children from birth to third birthday.

Sep 13, 2009
Been there...
by: Anonymous

I can tell from experience - even the best pediatricians can miss an SPD diagnosis. This is a relatively new diagnosis and it's easy to pass off as 'kids being kids.' I also think the training doctors receive makes it more likely they will take a 'wait & see' approach.

My doctors -- who are excellent -- said my concerns about my kids were unfounded and I had no cause for concern. Luckily a friend told me about Early Intervention services -- which are available free of charge. I had them tested by EI at 18 mo 'just in case." They ended up needing speech and special ed 2x a week. After working with them for 6 months - their speech teacher recognized that they had an underlying SPD issue and pushed EI to test them for it. They have received Occupational Therapy ever since for their 'sensory seeking' behavior and just 'tested out' of OT this summer. I cannot express what a huge difference it has made in their behavior generally and their ability to function in a classroom setting specifically.

I would encourage anyone -- if you have any cause for concern -- get them tested!!! In NY the testing is free and so is the therapy -- which the kids totally enjoy!!! The kids just think they are just playing games.

At the end of the day -- the therapy can't hurt -- and it has the potential to make a HUGE impact. I know my kids sensory-seeking behavior could have easily passed for ADHD. In my heart I know that, by getting them the OT they needed, I saved them from getting medicated unnecessarily.

Good luck!!

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