Will children grow out of it

My brave lad

My brave lad

Hi I have a 4 year old boy with SPD (never heard of it before) and at the moment he is having deep pressure therapy once a week by his OT.

In September, he is starting school and although we are setting up a school entry plan I'm worried as he's not naughty just...

A) Hyper - doesn't know when to stop

B) Everything new has to be smelled and if gotton away with it into the mouth (but not food!!)

C) He has a constant need for doing tumbles, forward rolls jumping, and he can't sit for more than 30 seconds

D) When engaged becomes "deaf" and tunnel visioned

E) Has to wash hands if even a little dirty

F) Has a fear of toilets; won't sit hence still in nappies

That's just a few of the things let alone mentioning the other "different" things he does.

Has anyone got any advice for a scared mum?

The SPD Help Line Responds...

Ah, sounds like you have your hands full and need some extra support and information! I would advise, while waiting for others to respond here, you join the AllAboutKids SPD online support group to talk to over 1,000 other parents who are walking a similar path. It's a wonderful group and you will find help there too!!

Meanwhile, we will await anyone's

comments here.

Keep up with the OT, make sure she has given you a sensory diet to follow, discuss your concerns about school ahead of time with her and the special education team, etc. And, to answer your submission question, no, without therapy, he will not outgrow this... so keep doing what you are doing and ask for more!

Also, regarding some of the issues you are having with him, here are some articles that may help...

SPD And Potty Training

Creating A Home Sensory Diet

Getting SPD Services In The Schools

Using SI Theory To Help Solve Problems At Home

Getting The Most Out Of OT For SPD

Using SI Theory To Help Solve Problems At School

You may also want to look up information about auditory processing disorders to make sure your son doesn't have symptoms of that. And, if he is showing other signs of sensory and/or tactile defensiveness, talk to your OT about what can be done... i.e, The Wilbarger Deep Pressure Proprioceptive Technique For Sensory Defensiveness, etc.

Hope this helps some! Let us know what further concerns you have or information needed after reading my suggested articles, ok? Also, make sure to visit my site map to find other articles that may help you.

Anyone else have some input for Mum? She would certainly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

Michele Mitchell

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