Will i grow out of SPD?

by jenn

Im concerned about how i will do at college with SPD. Will i grow out of this?

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Dec 22, 2010
in my experience.....
by: Anonymous

I never grew out of SPD, I never knew what was happening to me until about 2 yrs ago and found out that I have a pretty severe SPD! My daughter also has one and she is nearly 4 yrs old now. I have found ways to cope with my SPD and make my life work for me, but it wasn't easy. I also have learning disabilities and used those during college to receive accommodations and they made all the difference in the world. I received my associates degree using that method and then eventually went on to pursue my bachelors degree. I went to school online for my BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) and after about 2 yrs of hard work (but SO much easier than nursing school)I graduated with my Bachelor's degree about 1 1/2 mths ago. It has been a challenge, but it has also been worth it. I am a successful nurse at a large hospital and have been a nurse for 10 1/2 yrs now. Decide what you want to do, and never give up your dreams!

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