Wondering About My Granddaughter

by Anne

My granddaughter will be a year old this month and she still does not roll over all the way. She is a healthy weight and size. Alert and interactive. She can sit up alone and play but has made not a single move to crawl yet. She was diagnosed with oculomotor apraxia by a pediatric ophthalmologist. She had a brain MRI and it was normal. She is wearing a patch 3 times a over her weaker eye. Concerning to me is that she often opens her mouth really wide and holds it open for a few seconds on and off for no apparent reason. So odd. The only thing I could find on the above list is that she is very careful about what she touches. Hates to feel tree bark or anything rough or fuzzy. She very carefully pats my little chichuahua but if she feels the dog's toe nail or whiskers she makes a squinty face and withdraws her hand. With her I am concerned about her delayed interest/ability to crawl, not liking to touch some textures, and this odd expression of opening her mouth very wide. Sometimes she does the arm-flapping thing when excited or showing pleasure at eating. Thanks for any input.

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