by ReneƩ
(Georgia, USA)

Many of the items listed have always been an issue for me. So I'm pretty sure I do have SPD, although I haven't been diagnosed. I came here looking for reasons for a very specific symptom I've developed.

In 2013, I suffered a sudden illness. I've recovered completely; however, ever since then, I be had a problem when viewing certain patterns. My stomach gets violently queasy, and I get an immediate urge to vomit. When I remove the pattern from my sight, my stomach settles and the urge disappears.

I didn't see any questions that remotely addressed that yet SPD is what came up in my search. I'm wondering if it is a symptom of SPD considering I do have many of the others that are listed.

The other thing I'm wondering is weather or not those who are diagnosed as ADD, in whatevever, form could also suffer with SPD. I ask because I'm ADD, and so is my daughter. We also both have several of the issues listed as SPD symptoms.

One last thing... Would See Sick Syndrome (SSS) be classified as an SPD?

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