Worried Mother

by E Junior
(Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

My child has a sensory processing disorder. For several items on the checklist, I have been taking him for special tests, upper and lower GIs, etc. He is constantly going to the bath room. We cannot sit down and eat in a restaurant without him going to the restroom and the food gets cold and is put in a doggie bag. He also eats all the time. The constant eating causes friction in the home. He eats nonstop until bedtime. Then he gets up around 2 A.M. and cooks. He never gains weight. I have lost my appetite because he will fix eight peanut and butte sandwiches and eat every crumb and a half gallon of milk. I am at a loss.

The checklist and info were quite helpful. He has a foot fetish. Are foot fetishes part of this disorder?


Please share. Thank you.

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May 11, 2015
Parasites been ruled out?
by: Anonymous

I'm checking out this site, concerned my daughter is SPD. I read your story and wonder if you have had testing for parasites? Many kids (like mine) want to put everything in their mouth, and well, could easily get infected with parasites, as well as a host of other diseases. Just a thought you may want to discuss with your doctor.


Dec 25, 2014
SPD checklist.
by: Antoinette

Hi there,

Is your son constantly going to the bathroom as he needs to go or is he just facinated about what's in the bathroom? Does he not eat in the restaurants and he is always up and down to the toilet?

My son is 7.5yrs old and SPD is a part of his official diagnosis, the symptoms you are explaining of your son sounds very similar to my son. My son is constantly up and down to the bathroom, he NEVER eats in a restaurant... We have to take a doggie bag for his food and milkshake on every restaurant visit... It's frustrating, however we are starting to understanding why he does what he does. He will eat a peanut butter sandwich with tea, and 5mins later he will tell you he is starving! He also constantly eats, from when he opens his eyes until bedtime, he also drinks a lot of water for his age. He is currently underweight for his age.

Kind regards,

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