Worried Mum

by Dorothy

My son turned 2 last month. He is generally well behaved and we can bring him anywhere i.e. into supermarkets, restaurants etc . He started babbling prior to 8 months and was saying da-da do ba ba . At around 9 months he started getting ear infections and seemed to have 1 after another. At some point between then and now he stopped saying these words but would intermittently say "no",bye bye, his name and is now saying ya to everything and making a shouting noise. A lot of words he said disappeared again

Other than this he is extremely active, jumping on furniture, climbing on tables, loves swings, see saws, being upside down loves loud play areas, trampolines. He spent an hour and half in the childrens jungle gym last week and still went onto trampoline when went home.

His fine motor skills are a problem and he finds it difficult to use a pencil/crayon. He started feeding himself with a spoon and fork lately but finds it difficult to scoop the food etc but can direct it into his mouth.

He does not like having his face/hair washed or teeth brushed and still puts items into his mouth e.g. pencils. He is still drooling at times.

He hits his toys on his hands a lot and jumps up and down.

He is very affectionate and loves hugs. He is a happy wee fellow and likes playing with/beside other children. He smiles and approaches other children and has a good relationship with family members.

I could go on but that's the gist of it. He is referred for early intervention and we are currently trying to get hearing checks but he cant tolerate the plugs in his ears so will have to be sedated. A lot of the sensory integration stuff struck a cord but still worried until I find out what has happened?

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Jan 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Definitely the earlier you seek intervention the better. My son was very similar at 2. We did a hearing test for him and it was fine although it seemed as if he couldn't hear us. His first MMR was given at 14months and again at 18months gradually everything declining. By 21/2 he was diagnosed with mild autism. He started to gradually improve but at age 31/2 we gave an N1H1 shot and he dramatically declined (poor eye contact, spacy and loss of speech) within one week. That is when we went to visit a naturopathic doctor. We did an MMR and N1H1 reversal and he started doing much better. It has been a year of detoxification, mineral and vitamin suppliments. We started giving vitamin B12 shots and noticed a great improvement in eye contact and focus or attention.

He is now 41/2 and in JK at a french school. Most people do not know he has autism. We still have a lot of work to do but it is all worth it. Having a diagnosis gets you the services you need but the naturalpathic doctor helps to cure the physical restraints to the body. I wish you luck on your journey and know that you are not alone. Read Jenny McCarthy's books. I found them helpful and hopeful.

Oct 24, 2010
My grandson is 20 mos. and yes
by: Donna

My sweet little man has spd. He is in Early
Intervention. He babbles all day, but can
only say go, yea,and maybe a few others. We
are getting a hearing test in 3 days. Early . We just started with speech,
occupational and physical therapists. It is
overwhelming. Caden was late at rolling
over, crawling, walking and now talking.
Use your own instinct to know what needs to be
done. Early Intervention evaluates to let you
know what (if any) issues there are.

Best of Luck

Oct 13, 2010
get him tested
by: Anonymous

He is young-very young but i see a few red flags of lost language,sensory seeking behaviors etc. If you truly want him checked out take him to a comprehensive place that evaluates children-a neurologist with team of PT, OT, St...they can at least establish a baseline but will track him for red flags like spectrum issues. My now 6 year old was similar to that at 2-was a late walker though and i recall lots of clumsy type of walking etc-lots of falls and he was diagnosed with Asperger's. My daughter diagnosed with PDD-NOS at late 2-sluggish language development and sensory issues but she has trouble socializing with peers. good luck. Don't settle and go with your gut-a mom know her kid like no other.

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