Would these issues be related to SPD?

by Michele

I have a 15 year old daughter who has always been "different". I did not know of this disorder until today, but she totally fits in with all of these kids. It is a day to day struggle with her and her sensitivity issues. She also manifests it in other ways that I have not found listed here. Like, medicine will work the opposite on her, or will not work at all. Her pain to an injury will be 100 times worse than it is to someone else.

So, my question is, can this disorder be so severe that it could affect her processing of thoughts as well? We are trying to find the cause of this. I didn't know if it could be related at all. What I mean is that, she will go to do something, like take a shower for instance, and she will "forget" what step is next. She like spaces out at times. She won't know where she is at or what she just said or did. It happens VERY frequently on a day to day basis. She can't memorize hardly anything. She just has an EEG (brainscan). She's had an MRI. Nothing has been found. She has a follow up with the neurologist on the 15th. So, I was just wondering if these other issues can be related at all to SPD? Thanks for your help.

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