Wrapped in a blanket

My daughter is age 7 now and we are at ground zero with a naked child wrapped in a blanket.

Symptoms were sudden onset at age 4. We've seen inconsistent progression/regression the past 3 years. We were dismissed as it "being a phase" "she's just picky" "she will grow out of it", "She's just stubborn/controlling/manipulating you/a bad kid." It took 3 years for the pediatrician to say "Yeah, it's not a phase..."

We've been to Occupational Therapy and the OT said "I don't see sensory issues." She referred us to a behavioral specialist. To date, we are seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist. My daughter has been diagnosed with OCD and the psychiatrist has had her on Zoloft for 4 weeks now. She has shown no improvement in the 4 weeks of being on Zoloft. We've only seen more regression. The doc increased the dosage as of last night.

We went to the school to request an in home education (where the district pays for a tutor to come to the home). They denied her and said she had to come to school. The school was in contact with the medical professionals. Everyone agreed that my child "could physically attend school and there was no reason why she couldn't"...

The 2nd day of school this year, 4 grown women had to physically force my child to get dressed (we had one of my t-shirts on her and she stripped naked in the car) and physically remove her from the car, where she stripped again outside of the car (she was able to wear one of my t-shirts but had regressed before school started--they forced it on her). They forced my t-shirt on her (and nothing else) and carried her into the school kicking and screaming, exposing her naked body as she kicked.

The professionals assured us that THEY knew what was best, that this was in her best interest. They assured me that she would stay with the social worker/therapist until they could help her wear normal clothes. They lied and put her in normal school population wearing ONLY an oversized t-shirt. It

baffled me. After they carried my daughter into the school like that, it messed ME up to see that. I yanked her from school and we are homeschooling now, out of pure necessity.

I looked up the Wilbarger brushing protocol and I started brushing her every 2 hours starting last night at home. At this point, she's naked and wrapped in a blanket and NOBODY will help us! Nobody can have a naked child in a facility/therapy...understandably.

Her current diagnosis is OCD. I spoke to a leading psychologist who specializes in OCD and he said, "Under no circumstances should you force clothes. Very few people understand OCD." So, it's up to home therapy to get my daughter to wear clothes to GET her somewhere to help her. It's truly a NIGHTMARE.

Her symptoms mimic SPD but the doc has her diagnosed with OCD. I don't think anyone truly knows. I'm clawing at anything and everything I can to help my child. It's an absolute nightmare. Having a naked child wrapped in a blanket is beyond debilitating. Aside from necessary quick trips to the store, we are isolated and bound to the walls of our home where we hide from normal population. It's so unbelivable.

I need help. Are there any other home remedies I can try? I'm desperately trying to help my daughter. Again, she's not diagnosed with SPD but her symptoms mimic it. She's a PERFECT child other than clothes--no social problems, no learning disabilities, no hyper activity or lack of focus (before Zoloft--Zoloft is making her bounce off the walls). Please help me.

I'm going to start this morning giving her "Kid calm"--a magnesium supplement for calming. Zoloft is given at night so after reading, I feel it's safe to give magnesium in the morning. I need a miracle.

Also--my daughter can wear a swimming suit but ONLY IN THE WATER. She freaks out wearing it after swimming. I've tried to find aquatic OT's but can't find any in my area. I can only find aquatic physical therapy but not OT. I've tried everything I can think of and have gotten nowhere :(

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Oct 12, 2014
just keep trying
by: Anonymous

maybe try to figure out what fabrics she likes/tolerates in the blanket and try to find clothing made of this material

Sep 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I really feel for you, you are living a nightmare! i have an 8 year old dx with spd, adhd, attachment disorder (he's adopted)learning disabilities.

we've been at it since he was 2 - he was hyper, aggitated, easily frustrated, controlling, impulsive...the list goes on. went to MD, children's hospital, OT, psychotherapy etc...

Finally i looked at his diet which was pretty healthy to begin with but i removed all dyes, additives, preservatives took him off gluten and dairy - really minimized anything with sugar - gave him a probiotic every day and he is doing great. it wasn't overnight but at 3 months it looked like things were getting batter . by 6 months i knew we were in a much better place. we are going on a year now and he is doing so well. things aren't perfect but they feel 'normal' and, of course normal seems extraordinary!

i mention diet because food sensitivities are so overlooked or not valued at all by mainstream medicine. it seems, given it is so non-invasive and there are no drugs involved, that it should be the first thing to rule out before jumping through all these other hoops! her sensitivity to clothing seems extreme and diet might not make it go away but might help her tolerate some types of fabric, seams.
if you want to talk directly feel free to contact me @ mjbarre@gmail.com i hope it gets better for you~

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