Writing Darkly and Light Touch Aversion: Writing Lightly Feels Like Light Touch

by AutisticLady

If you/your child write(s) too darkly and break(s)/ruin(s) pens and pencils, and you/your child hate(s) light touch, the two could be related!

After ruining several felt-tip pens writing a report, I tried writing as lightly as I possibly could to see if the problem were some kind of hand weakness or tremor or something and expected to have to write a lot and analyze every move very carefully. NOPE. The problem was immediately evident. I squealed, dropped the pen, and shook my hand rapidly, because it felt EXACTLY like light touch, and light touch makes me want to jump out of my skin.

So, not having a pencil weight, I stuck a 2 ounce glob of therapy putty on the end of the pen and tried writing lightly again. I didn't even HAVE to try; I did it instinctively, and it was comfortable, no skin-crawling at a much lighter pressure than I usually use. I could probably go even lighter with a heavier weight.

These look good (1.5 oz each): PENCIL WEIGHT 3 PACK

as does this (and it's adorable) (3 oz): http://www.therapro.com/Charming-Pencil-Weights-P334062C4388.aspx

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