by Sholta
(amazimtoti south Africa )

I have a partner he has a 5 year old son. This child has never touched proper food in his life. This child only gets fed 2 big slabs of chocolate a day drinks about 6 liters of coke cacola and eats 6 month baby porridge a day. Is this normal? I don't think so this child there is nothing wrong with him and he is not retarded. This child refuses to feed himself refuses to do anything for himself. The child is always sick I blame the parents and grand parents for feeding this child in this manner please can some one tell me is this child abuse?

In feeding this child in this manner that he is always sick. I've been told this is child abuse something needs to be done the child is been neglected and I'm having to play with the child who I have not mothered. The mother has constantly told me she may will have to take the child to hospital so they can force feed him. This child is stubborn always looking for attention and lies. If some can help me please I'm desperate in getting hold of someone

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