Yes, I know my son's shoes are on the wrong feet, thank you!

by Lyn Purpura, CEC/ACC
(McHenry, IL USA)

My grandson was diagnosed with SPD just before he turned 2 years old. He's now 3 and his symptoms have worsened considerably over this past year. The traits that we thought had 'escaped' him are starting to rear their ugly heads.

One thing we hadn't been told is how this disorder can manifest in so many different ways and how it can fluctuate and change - not only over months, or weeks, or days... but even from one moment to the next.

I see how difficult it is for my daughter. She has shared how she feels at a loss quite often... not knowing what Kyle needs or how to 'handle' the situation. What's going to set him off? She has 2 other children and the patience of a saint. I am so proud of her and admire her ability to be Kyle's advocate and support.

Kyle has started hippo therapy and speech therapy. He's on a waiting list for OT and will be evaluated by the school district for other assistance. We're working with him to encourage that he use his words to tell us what he needs or what is wrong - to hopefully, head off the 'melt downs'.

My daughter gets angry and frustrated by the stares or comments of others in public. Don't people understand that if she COULD do something, she would? But, more than that, the thing that drives her crazy is having people constantly come up to her to let her know that her son's shoes are on the wrong feet! Now, she knows they mean well... but she gets so tired of hearing it. It's not just once in a while - it's constant. She knows where ever they go, it will be a matter of minutes that someone will ask... "Yes - I know - that's the way he likes them, thank you."

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Jun 29, 2008
Yep... that's the way it is..
by: Anonymous

I too my self deal with the wrong shoe situation. I've learned to deal with an "odd" child since she started crawling... now she is 3.5 and barely got a diagnose 3 months ago. My daughter knows the shoe is in the wrong foot... But she always gives me the same response when I ask her to switch shoes: "wrong foot in wrong shoe mommy?" I admire you for understanding your daughter, my mother still does not comprehend what this is all about...

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