YES, yes yes yes yes and affirmative!

by Mellie
(El Paso)

I am 39 yrs old. I have 2 boys that I yell at all the time or I isolate myself. The reason I even realized I had this was by looking at how my mis-diagnosed with severe autism son's behavior is and how my Father's was.

My Father constantly yelled at us to stop making noise or turn the lights off or threw away or perfume,e/nail polish or gave away any pets we had if they smelled badly.

We thought he was just a mean drunk. He isn't.

I then began looking at my son and the way he behaves when all the lights are on or how he is severely distracted by noise or movement.

He has SPD, not autism. He makes eye contact and he is extremely social. ITS HIS SENSES! He is 7 and I don't believe he will always be this way now. I am 39 and I don't believe I can't do something to turn this around. The brain can do wonderful things once you know what to ask of it.
I just wanna stop yelling at my children and I want my boy to be comfortable in life, because looking back i NEVER was.

I am so glad I read about SPD. I have other issues, fibromyalgia and Meniere's disease, so I can see how I couldn't separate my symptoms into SPD. This page made it possioble. Perhaps I don't even have Meniere's. I see that ppl with SPD have vestibular issues!

PLEASE do not stop taking any medications you are taking for other issues without talking to Dr!!! I'm not.

God bless y'all for putting page together. Maybe I can stop this hell with this generation and make changes for my babies.

PS 1st stop: amber light tired of watching white light bulbs hum. ( sounds strange, huh? but its true...i can see things i hear. (cuckoo ca choo? i dont think so anymore!))

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Jan 10, 2011
Old Yeller
by: Anonymous

Have you ever considered the idea that if you stopped yelling at your kids, they they might calm down a little?

Dec 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

A great web site to read to help people understand! It's too large for me to post, otherwise I would. There is also a woman dedicated to helping, so please read this web site!

Merry Christmas!

Dec 23, 2010
God is Awesome
by: Anonymous

So glad to hear your story & how it stops with your children. Maybe you can even help your own father if he's still in your life. We didn't know what our daughter had until she was 8 & that was hell itself. We found rhis page after she was diagnosed & have loved it ever since & direct people here all the time.

SPD, though I'm not sure curable, is treatable, and as children grow, they learn adaptation if it is taught correctly and they understand how things affect them. They also are wonderful learning tools for people who don't understand or know about SPD.

Just last night a friend was picking up her daughter (I do childcare) and her daughter has major sock & shoe issues, that I really understand. The little girl was starting to meltdown about it & mom was getting angry. Another friend of mine, who was very insensitive when my daughter's issues used to arise, looked at the mom very calmly & said, "maybe she has sensory issues". I smiled, explained and the little girl went home happy.

It's all about educating people, because in this world we live in of instant everything, there's not much tolerance for taking the time to understand, we have to be gentle in our explanation to others, because it's our children who have to grow up into this world.

Good luck & God bless.


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