You are not alone!!

by Allie G

I have always laughed about my issues when I was younger, but I am so relieved to know that others have also experienced this! Some of the things I would do were

-tie my shoes way too tight

-wear pantyhose under my jeans

-wear several (up to 3 or 4) pairs of socks in my shoes

-roll the waistband of my jeans

-tighten my bend or waist adjusters to the point of scabbing

-wear several sports bras

-wear a headband around my ribs

-layer on multiple tank tops underneath my shirt

This phase only lasted in my elementary school years, and I eventually grew out of it! I am now a college athlete working on my medical degree, and I get feelings of anxiety sometimes (who doesn't?), but other than that, I seem to be a completely "normal" person.

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