You Can't Spank it Out of Her!

by Jackie
(North Carolina)

From birth our daughter had a difficult temperament. Our story was so similar to Michelle's. In my heart I knew something was off but what? Of course the pediatricians insisted that I was an overprotective first time parent and I was but there was something.

At age 1 I really began expressing my concerns but they went in one ear and out the other. I began to question... is it just me, is it poor parenting on my part, maybe it's her age. Then the concrete evidence! Our first beach trip when she was 18 months old. I can say it was one of the worst weeks of my life and i'm sure her's as well. It was my breaking point! After leaving a nice dinner sitting to leave with her I cried like never before, looked at my husband and said something is terribly wrong!But what?

Not knowing what to do I just kind of did nothing,for a while. At about 2 and a half I began researching and right before she turned 3 had an evaluation done. I knew already what was going on. See she does have SPD nut she also has Asperger's Syndrome. Evaluation findings were that she is peculiar. Really! That is what those jerks told us and sent us home with nothing.

Her print out did mention sensory issues. I was like what is that?! I researched and decided to see an OT. It was a changing point in our lives! She agreed with me about her Aspie tendencies and help us get a referral to a developmental ped. who diagnosed her with Asperger's. I am blessed to report she is doing very well, but than I could have dreamed back then. But it will never be perfect.

About a year ago her dad and her stopped by a relative's home.(her dad knows, accepts, and tries to understand but he doesn't understand why she does what she does like I do)She wouldn't respond when spoken to though she is very verbal. She looked at a dish of ice cream like she'd never seen one before. She was in a sensory funk for lack of a better term. She literally couldn't do those things at that time. He looked to my husband and said between me and you she needs a good ass busting. If it could be spanked out it would've been long gone.

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