by Heidi
(La Crosse, WI)

My son is five and a half. He was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, childhood disorder NOS and phonological disorder when he was 4. He is borderline Autistic. He functions outside the his own little box. He cries and has meltdowns because his brother is talking or the noise in the car is too loud. he's just sad or angry He doesn't know why. The store is too much stimulation, taking a different way home agitates him. He gets sensory and emotion overload from sitting at the dinner table.

When he has one of his meltdowns I hold him and give him deep compression hugs and tell him its ok to feel angry or sad. He doesn't know how to process his feelings as it pertains to his world. Wrapping him in blankets makes him feel secure, or wrapping my arms around him. This generally works part of the time. He usually favors one or two items from his room that he knows is comforting to him also.

School has been terrific with an IEP in place. He has developmental challenges and is behind somewhat in his gross motor skills.
I'ts really hard some days to copy with his ever increasing episodes.

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