Anyone else have trouble wearing skirts/dresses?

by DJ
(Brookings, SD)

I can wear shorts, jeans, dress pants (if made of cotton), but I absolutely CANNOT wear a skirt or dress. For one thing, if they're slim cut, a person can't take a full stride so I feel hog-tied, and for another, if they're fuller, they move about with those frilly/ticklish feelings on your legs.

Not to mention that I can't wear the pantyhose or dress shoes that go with such clothes. Plus, I have this mortal fear that the wind will catch the skirt and show the world my underwear!

I was wondering if anyone else had this trouble too. I am a JW, and they require women to wear skirts at the Kingdom Hall. I've tried... just can't do it. I have had SPD and this trouble all my life...

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Apr 01, 2016
I have a phobia of wearing dresses
by: Anonymous

I just can't wear them, the thought of it sickens me and makes me frightened, when i wear one if i wear one i have a panic attack and freak out can't do it, I am a woman that has always dressed really masculine and likes wearing jeans, shorts, boxers etc, even at my own wedding can't wear dresses no way.

May 06, 2015
I have that too.
by: Anonymous

I just want to know the name of this phobia!
Really I sometimes get scared. If I'm forced to wear a skirt I wear thick winter tights even in Summer. I just can.
:P Anonymously Elise :P

Jan 16, 2014
under your dress
by: Lisa

I have the same problem. How I deal with it is I wear shorts under my dresses, or tights. I still have a hard time because as you know you have to wear a dress a lot being a JW. It doesn't told ally fix it by I am a lot more at ease then with out sometime under my skirt or dress ! Hope this helps you.

Dec 31, 2008
Trouble wearing skirts/dresses
by: Jane

I don't like tight fitting skirts. I hate the feel on my legs when I walk. Fuller skirts don't bother me, so I tend to wear them more often. I usually don't wear hose, they feel strange on my legs. I understand the "mortal fear" of having your skirt fly up. A huge gust of wind blew my skirt up a few years ago in front of the mall. It was quite embarrassing, but I can still wear skirts without being too worried about it.

Dec 27, 2008
I,as well, cannot wear skirts/dresses
by: Anonymous

"Thicker stockings"? The post stated she couldn't stand to wear pantyhose or the shoes that went along with dresses.

I am in exactly the same spot as the questioner, and cannot wear 1) skirts 2) stockings 3) shoes that go with stockings.

This problem has gotten worse with age, since at 24 I could still take a dance class if I stripped the stockings off the moment the class ended (and put them on just before class). The heavy stockings for dance are seamed, and thus a big problem, not a solution. It is the synthetic fabric that is so cumbersome with all stockings. A non-lace undershirt at the waistband ("camisole?" helps only if all-cotton, and also seamless (mine come from Austria, Switzerland, or Germany, since US ones are all inferior or synthetic).

My additional problem with skirts is that I cannot endure having my legs "exposed" -- for this reason, I almost never wear shorts or short sleeves.

My SPD diagnosis is two weeks old. I am 55, and having been seeking help for 50 years for this problem with clothing!

Dec 25, 2008
accommodating skirts/dresses
by: Renee

I am a therapist who has worked with people who have sensory processing issues for many, many years, and I also appreciate the need for dressing for church. Here are a two suggestions that come to mind.

If the waistband is an issue, you might try using different closures, or using a thicker camisole, tucked in sweater, or scarf between your skin and the waistband.

If the touch of the hemline along your legs is a problem, you might try wearing thicker stockings.

These are short term "fixes", but it sounds as if a longer term solution might also be needed.

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