Please help. my lovely daughter has spd and she is six years old. she has weekly ot but as I sit here tonight I feel I cannot take much more and neither can she. we have had distressing episodes morning and night for three days now. She seems to be trying to claw out of her skin and she is so frustrated.

I really thought my husband and I were coming to grips with her sensory diet, but after ten months I feel school is really getting to her. her self esteem is so low and I just feel so flat. my husband has no words tonight and I just feel so alone, so please could someone give me some feedback. I just want my little girl to feel happy

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Apr 30, 2012
by: friend in IL

I completely understand your difficulty. My son is also 6 and though he's doing much better now - I felt the way you described for much of his first 4 years of ... defeated! Just keep loving your child and doing all you can with OT. I assume you do brushings and compressions?? If not, ask your OT about these, they've been a life saver for us with our son.

In addition to what you're doing - I would recommend praying (if you don't already). God is always there with you and loves you and your child and WANTS to give you strength and wisdom to help you through these long days. Don't want to preach at you - just encourage you!!

Apr 29, 2012
huggs for love
by: Anonymous

my grandson has PDD and is in pre k....we got him therapy by the time he was 18 months they do have some good and bad days and the schools are not as cooperative as you might her IEP meeting each yr make sure you let them know you are following her very very closely, visit her as much as possible and get her teachers cell...we write in his book each night and expect a return message also when she is low hugg her tightly it truly releases endorphins into the bloodstream and relaxes the also makes her feel everything is OK...also they have pressure suits to wear at night pressure blankies too visit the sensory pages for more info most of all just shower her with love love love it does get better...promise

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